Ennoverse Closure Notice

Dear valued customer,

Ennoverse Ltd (Previously UberNet Ltd) has been operating for nearly 10 years providing web hosting solutions to individuals and small businesses worldwide. Today, however, it is our sad duty to announce that we will cease trading effective immediately.

Why is this happening?

Ennoverse is currently run by a volunteer group of friends who started the company while they were at college. While it did thrive for a while the owners have decided that there is little benefit to anyone continuing to provide a service. Shared web hosting is an extremely competitive market. Combined with our other personal and work related commitments we feel that we can no longer offer an affordable and reliable service.

What will happen now?

Effective immediately we will not be renewing any service and recently generated renewal invoices have been cancelled.

Web Hosting

We will honour any web hosting commitments until the end of their term before terminating service. The exception to this is if your service is due for renewal within the next 90 days, you will have 90 days from February 2, 2015 until service termination at no additional cost. This means the final day of service will be May 2, 2015 which will allow you time to migrate your hosted content to another provider.

You are advised to retrieve all data from you account in the remaining time and/or migrate to another cPanel hosting provider. We will assist where possible with account migrations on request via the client area. After termination it will be impossible to retrieve any data stored within the account as it and associated backups will be permanently deleted.

We will be making changes to the hosting arrangements within the next couple of weeks in order to reduce costs and support requirements. We will notify affected customers of anything that they may need to do or of any additional downtime that may occur.


If you have registered a domain name with us you will not be able to renew the domain name via us. You will of course be able to transfer the domain name to another provider. That provider will give instructions on how to request this. If you need to unlock the domain this can still be done via the client area which will remain accessible for at least the next 12 months.

We will still send renewal notifications to remind you when your existing domains are reaching the end of their registration period. This email will prompt you to transfer your domain to a new provider.

SSL Certificates

Certificates will not be renewed effective immediately. If you require a new SSL certificate you are advised to use another provider. If you presently have a SSL certificate through us it will remain active through the remainder of it's effective date.

What about support?

We will do our best to assist you in moving your services to another provider if you request help. You can contact us via the client area by raising a ticket in the normal way. We will also continue to answer any support query posted via a ticket as best we can, however response times may be greater than normal.

Where can I find replacement services?

We do not endorse any particular provider as a replacement. However a quick Google search reveals quite a few options for all of these products.

If you find another CPanel web host they may offer to migrate your website from our server for you.

Thank you

We would like to extend a very special thank you to all of our customers past and present for making the running of this company an educational and exciting experience. If you have any questions please log a support ticket through the client area.